Technological Enquiries
IFPI has a team of experienced building and facilities economists on hand at all times to answer your queries about how to use the program (see also 'HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM') and on the interpretation of the answers you are getting if they are not exactly what you were expecting or you are not sure how they have been derived.

Technical Enquiries
The program is hosted on a very secure stand alone dedicated linux server running apache; the application is written in PHP using mySQL databases. The set-up is as follows: User Browser and server hosting the PHP source code and Firewall and 1 server hosting the database’ Questions regarding the functioning and updating of the program will be dealt with direct by the program’s designers.

E-Mail Enquiries
Normally queries will be dealt with by e-mail to but in exceptional circumstances telephone contact may be possible (at the user's expense) tel: 020 8663 0566