About CombiCycle

Whole-life Sustainability and Cost Prediction Program

This brand new program has been developed for IFPI Ltd. by Bernard Williams and Malcolm Lay - authors of 'Whole-life Economics of Building Services'.
'COMBICYCLE' 'enables users to predict the whole life costs and sustainability of any building type before a single line has been drawn ' and then at any stage in the design process. It may be used to set budgets and to give both the Employers and their designers best-performance targets against which to testsubsequent design proposals. With 'COMBICYCLE' you can see the cost effects of different design and facilities management strategies in respect of

on the costs and sustainability of all the components and systems over any period you wish to choose. It is intended to make 'COMBICYCLE' universally available and internationally applicable. To this end the tool will be dialled up on a pay-as-you-go basis from any developed country by any user. 'COMBICYCLE' will also used as a teaching aid in one of IFPI's in-house Training Programme modules whereby users can learn about whole-life issues whilst testing one or more of their new projects for cost and sustainability against the program. At present this superb tool is only available as part of a consultancy offering but it is being web-enabled for users to access and operate independently - available early 2017